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Why we say no to a parliamentary inquiry and yes to a mass solidarity demo

Supportolegale has been dealing with Genoa G8 court cases for 4 years now, as a collective made up of people who have been protagonists, together with thousands of other people, of those events that made Genoa e crucial node of our lives and histories. The november 17th demo was born first and foremost out of the generic call to mobilization on the Genoa courtcases we published as Supportolegale on 2 Itlaian left-wing newspapers - Liberazione and Il Manifesto - few weeks before the demo. Supportolegale chose to promote and participate in the organization of the demo in order to keep the event focused on the defence of the 25 protestors who are being used as scapegoat of those days of our collective history. What is happening in these years in the Courts of Genoa - and Cosenza - aims at terrorizing the most spontaneous and decentralized forms of social and political organizing. This is why we called out the demo using the refrain: "We are history". We think it's a task of the protagonists of those days themselves to rebuild the truth and complexity of what happened: only the 300.000 people who took to the streets in Genoa and elsewhere can explain and tell what they felt, what they went through, what they manage to live, without the need for moralist or legalist drifts. They are the only one who can be interested into understanding what happened as deeply as possible, without the need to judge or to excuse. This is the reason we don't agree and never did, as other promoters of the demo do, on the institution of a parliamentary inquiry where people running and managing power will be able to make their truth official. We don't need official truths, less than ever official pre-boxed truths. And this is the reason why a parliamentary inquiry is not one of the main element of the november 17th demo.