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Torino: no charge of devastating and looting for the antifascists

Today, 10th of december, we got the first judgement for the antifascists accused of devastating and looting during the antifa demo that took place in Torino in June 2005.
The judge didn't charge them with the devastating and looting charge, but they are still accused of damages, though it's a less serious accusation that should drop because of the pardon law: this means that they shouldn't spend one single more day in jail.

news (in italian):

a short summary of what happened in Torino in June 2005:

During the night a fascist action squad got into the Barocchio squat in Torino with knives and sticks: 2 anarchists got wounded, one of them got severely wounded in his intestine and had to be operated. It was just by chance that nobody died.
The following week a demo took place to denounce the barbarous acts, and the police charged the demonstrators to stop them reaching Castello Square: 500 antifascists got charged, 2 of them got arrested and spent 2 weeks in Le vallette jail. A month after 8 more demonstrators got arrested and spent 6 months of jail and house arrests.
They were accused of devastating and looting, a charge that implies 8 to 15 years of jail. And the only things that got destroyed during that demo, because of the mess caused by the police charge, were a table and a shop window.