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Sud ribelle Trial: the 24th of january the Prosecutor will vomit everything up

Cosenza, 01/21/2008. In today's hearing of the trial of the thirteen activists - accused of subversion of the economic order constituted by the state with the goal of destroying the cities of Naples and Genoa in 2001 - a single certainty was born: on Thursday, January 24th, from 9:30 a.m. on, Dr. Domenico Fiordalisi, representing the ROS and DIGOS special-ops police forces and others, wil vomit up all his hatred towards social struggles. Today there appeared the state prosecutor, who completed his speech in two words ("My associate") and he also on Thursday morning will tell of his own hatred of the same. Then the technical experts and consultants were heard. The Official Technical Consultant (OTC) of the Court (Raffaele Borreti) who deposed his testimony on December 16, 2007 regarding the 26 phone calls that the prosecutor had "forgotten" to record - despite the request of the defense to do so - that much of the audio material recorded on tape and computer had not been found among the material that was delivered. And no one knows where the data wound up. So, then, a little yellow sticky note about the technique of the interception, chronicled in over 5,000 pages of records. A very large portion of the intercepted transmissions in fact contained voices that had been recorded before being transmitted via telephone and before the actual reception of the message, which raises some doubts that the interceptiosn were not made with authorized equipment, but with "do-it-yourself" equipment available in any specialty shop, but not authorized by law for operation by the judiciary police, or at least were made with a double channel. Strange evidence. The prosecutor's objections all focused on the question that the lawyer called the OTC "scientificized," and said, "It's provocative and ironic." The president had to intercede "in defense of the defense." After a 20-minute break the consultant for the defense, Prof. Luciano Romito took the stand -- on a much superior level ( He also explained technically how all the recording equipment had been operated, including a lesson on phonetics and linguistics in the hearing. And refuted the evidence of the deposition of his colleague. Finally, the court fixed the dates in its calendar: January 23 will be the abstentions of the lawyers, then changing to the 24th for the extenuating circumstances presented today (focusing above all on the intercepted phone calls), the prosecutor's indictment and the charges made by the civil parties the trial; January 29th, 30th, and 31st, February 4th, and March 5th are dedicated to the defense; at the end of which the Court will finally set a new day for the defense, and then, the sentence. Almost at the end of the hearing, the defense deposed: -the problem of the sentence against the 25 and therefore also of the documentation contained in the transmission of the papers to the prosecutor by Mario Mondelli and Antonio Bruno (witnesses for the prosecutor who was also at Cosenza), suspected of false testimony (including by Paolo Faedda and Angelo Gaggiano), having exaggeraed their stories before the court, giving untrue particulars, in order to make the events more dramatic; -the transcription of the testimony of Agostino Rosario, of the DIGOS of Cosenza, made during the Diaz trial (, in which the arguments of the police officers' defenders had been "dismantled". Fiordalisi displaced, pulled out his "ace": the indictment in the trial against the 25, which included the headings of the charges against the 25. All of this will be presided over by the Cosenza Tribunal, thursday January 24, at 9:00.