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Cosenza, Sud Ribelle: 50 years requested

A 50-year sentence, was the request of the prosecutor for the alleged "Sud Ribelle" ("Rebel South") defendants. This sentence is linked with the final bars of the trial that is taking place in Cosenza, which involves 13 codefendants, charged under various Titles of the law against
"Subversive Association." They are accused of aiming to impede the exercise of the functions of the Italian government during the Global Forum of Naples and at the G8 Summit of Genoa of July 2001.They are also accused of aiming to create a larger association composed of thousands of people ready to violently subvert the economic order constituted in the State.Not bad, for a plant.
This trial will be remembered from its very premise as having been a grotesque, tragic farce, an Italian comedy, more like "I Mostri" than like, "Persons Unknown." (I soliti ignoti)
The sentencing request of Prosecutor Fiordalisi (wanting to get himself a little bit of glory), however, was no laughing matter. This sin is
overshadowed by the bickering of Prodi yes, Prodi no.
The sentences range from two years and six months to six years. All of the defendants have been requested to be put under additional security measures afterward, including supervised release and probation for additional periods that range from one to three years.
The comedy has never let up throughout the whole judicial proceedings: it started in 2002 when a few petty functionaries of the police force made
the grand tour of the prosecutors of Italy to find one ready to try the network of activists who organized the countersummit of Naples in 2001.
They found many ports to shelter in, while wandering. They slapped them all in the face except one, that of the prosecutor of Cosenza and of prosecuting judge Fiordalisi, whose imperishable memory is linked to four CSM (Superior Magistrats' Council) investigations against him and to a few special investigations as well: he was the one who closed the investigation into the ship "Jolly Rosso" which was part of the COMERIO project, of which Ilaria Alpi had been following the trail.
It continued on November 15, 2002, in the houses of dozens of activists from Naples, Cosenza, Taranto, Vibo Valentia, Diamante and Montefiascone: there came the nighttime devastation of raids by the "forces of law and order".These raids resulted in twenty people's being arrested; another five placed under house arrest; about forty more people winding up being indicted as the line of the investigation continued; seizures of computers and books; and telephone, environmental, and telematic surveillance.

One more time, it is necessary to say, "No regret": as with Genoa, and for Naples, it is not possible to have any regret for having expressed
opposition to the dominant economic powers. For this reason, to show these 13 defendants that they are not alone, we will be in the public square in Cosenza,for a big demo to support the accused people, on February 2, 2008.

History is now.