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Genoa Social Forum mails and mailing lists intercepted

The server is an independent server managed
by a
no-profit association that gives webspace to websites of lawyers,
journalists,politicians,humanitarian associations,legal offices,labour
delegates,universitarian groups,international networks and lots lots more.
The server was and is still hosted by a commercial provider named Aruba.
Was the 15th of june , 2004.The server had some problems, mail,
mailing-lists and chat blocked, but a telephone-call to one of the provider
of the Association seems to explain quickly the situation:"it's a technical
failure to the plugs in the power section", answers, lieing.

At the same moment some agents of the Polizia Postale ( communication
), with the request of the bologna court - had asked and obtained from the access to the server hosted in their facilities.
Without communicating anything at all, permitted to the agents to
copy whatever information included the set of datas and certifcates that
enable the crypted connections, and organizing , in practical, the
tapping and control of the communications of more than 6000 users and
500 mailing lists.From that moment they proceeded to the systematic
interception of the mailbox
Potenially anyway they could have intercepted, decrypted and reported all
the other communications that transitate on the machine, and ,
realistically, is what they are still doing.

To Autistici/Inventati nothing is communicated about this - on the
are provided only excuses that much have to say about the state of the
respect of privacy in this country.

Even if the entity of the violation is so evident,we eager to remember to
everyone that the ordinary communications on the commercial services don't
even take in consideration this problem, are very few the cases in which
protocols of encryption are available, and nobody, look in google for
confirm, has ever warned their users about what for us is a problem: the
compromission of the security of the personal files of their users.
We also whish to remember that on all the providers of commercial services,
the sensible datas of the users are systematically available to thirds not
better identified, whithout that being considered a problem either.
In this case we are talking about the same investigation process that, with
the excuse of the aquistion of a log file, allowed the the FBI to abuse of
a federal mandate and to bring away the entire server where
indymedia.italia ( and the indymedia home pages of 20 other countries, the
server was located in the UK ,
see also ,
the request for investigations started also that time from Bologna attorney
- Italia NDT ) was hosted , it was october 7, 2004. This is not a private
controversial, neither something that regards unically an association or an
independent server.This is once again about our and your freedom of
The same freedom of expression that acts like the request of seizure of the
site , from the public accuse lawyer Vitiello in may
2005 for "vilipendium of the catholic religion and of the Pope figure", put
drastically in jeopardy.

This unacceptable act also goes to touch the instruments the the Genova
Legal Forum ( the group of lawyers that works on the trials actually in
progress about the riots and abuses from the police forces in Genoa G8
, the mailboxes of the lawyers and the technical consultants, and the same
mailing list of coordination between lawyers and consultants, are actually
involved in this operation of mass cataloguing.
For the second time, after the seizure of two laptops of two technical
consultants in march, all the defense strategy of the Genova Legal Forum is
at disposition of the accusatory side: documents, analyses, acts and
evidence still not shown in the court.

communication from supporto legale (

contacts :
+39 348 4954290

Supportolegale is a network of people that follows the trials of Genova:
those to people who were there to demonstrate, those to the public officers
accused of violence, tortures, abuse of power. Supporto reports the the
udiences, transforms it in comprehensible syntesises, and publishes and
spreads them; invents projiects, campaigns and initiatives of information
and fund raising.
Supportolegale, born by initiative of some mediactivists that participates
to the indymedia network, performs a job of information and communication,
of technical support and financing with fund raising initiatives, and
devolving all the income to the Genova Legal Forum for the trial expenses.
Memory is a collective gear.