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With the end of summer the trials about the G8 in Genoa 2001 start again

The 20th of September, in the halls of Genoa?s Court, the
trial against the 25 demonstrators accused of the crime of devastation and
sacking, started in March 2004, continues. It will be the hearing number 58, and it
will be heard an important witness: Major Claudio Cappello. Cappello, in
those days, was a Captain in Command of the CCIR (a company of special
forces) of the Carabinieri forces to wich Placanica belonged.
The work of the lawyers and of the Secretariat, as for the facts of Via
Tolemaide, will consist of a meticulous reconstruction of the events of
Piazza Alimonda, trying to overcome the reticences of the Pubblic Security
Service, in order to highlight elements that can solve many mysteries wich
still surround Carlo Giuliani's death.

On the 22nd of September, in Cosenza, the trial against the 13 activist
of the “Rete Sud Ribelle”, under indictment for subversive association,
always in relation with the facts of Genoa and Naples 2001, will be
continued. As well known, the trial lays on the thesis of the Public
Prosecutor Fiordalisi, exclusively based on an activity of investigation
made of phone, telematic and environmental tappings and not on concrete

The 12th of October it will start the public hearing for the trial
regarding the facts of Bolzaneto (47 among the public security service and
the medical personel were send for trial for the tortures imposed on the
demonstraters in the Police barrack temporary transformed into a prison).
At last, two days after, the 14th of October, it will be the turn of the
trial for the breaking-in in the Diaz school, in wich 28 policemen are
sent for trial, among wich some of the highest levels of the Police

The Diaz trial, in the public hearing phase since last 6th April, should
now get to the heart of the matter (after the big delay due to the change
of the Counsel for the Judgement). It will be fixed a very dense calendar
(two hearings per week) and the depositions of the injured party are
expected to be heard .

As last year Supporto Legale will follow Genoa?s trials (and this year
also the one in Cosenza) clinching the principle of defense for all and
the need of money to grant the work of the Genoa?s Legal Secretariat and
of the new-born one of Cosenza.
For theese reasons we invite everybody whose interested to contact us for
donations or to organize fund-raising events to this e-mail address: .

Supporto Legale (it is necessary to accept the security

Supporto Legale is a net of persons who follow the trials of Genoa and
Cosenza: involving people who were there to demonstrate, Public Officers
charged of acts of violence, torture and power abuse.
Supporto Legale transcribes the hearings, it summerises them in a
comprehensible way, it pubblishes and spreads them.
Supporto Legale, born on the the initiative of some media-activists who
partecipate to the net of Indymedia, does a work of information and
communication, of tecnichal support and of fund-raising with a series of
fund-raising campaignes, devolving entirely the proceeds for the
Secretariat's work and for the trial expenses.

Memory is a collective clockwork.