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58th hearing for the 25

After the summer stop in the first hearing of the trial against the 25 demonstrators under indictment for devastation and sacking during the G8 in Genoa 2001 two witness were heard.
The first two hours were spent in the examination of the witness Sebastiano Pinzone, Genoa’s Digos (political police), convened for the identification of one of the accused through photos, took while he was shopping in his town.

Instead the second witness is Claudio Cappello, actually Major of the Carabinieri’s Tuscania Paratroop. During 2001, he was Captain of the Ccir (Containment and Risolutive Intervention Company) “Echo” of the Sicily Battalion, of which was made use in Piazza Alimonda the 20th July 2001.
Cappello discharges the responsability of each decision about the interventions made on Adriano Lauro, the Police Officer in Charge of Piazza Alimonda.
In particular, Cappello clinches his perplexities on the last intervention in Via Caffa, which led to the homicide of Carlo Giuliani in Piazza Alimonda.
In Cappello’s deposition, public order expert, especially about abroad missions (such as in Israel, Somaly, Bosnia and Iraq), are implicit heavy opinions about the summit of the Carabinieri Force, regarding the decision of inserting inexpert personnel in a “hot” situation like the one in Genoa, personnel which included call-up soldiers in duty since a few months, like Raffone and Placanica.

One of the most important aspects which rose out of the counterexamination of the defence is the matter of the two Defender present in Piazza Alimonda. One of them was at the disposal of Colonel Truglio, the other was at Cappello’s disposal, who remembers the presence of the two jeeps until ten minutes before the murder of Carlo Giuliani. Cappello orders to Placanica to get on one of the jeeps because he was “affected by psychomotory problems and because he was very nervous” and then says that he took no interest in him, taking for granted that the jeeps would have left.
Cappello underlines several times the fact that the Defender absolutely should have not followed the platoon, for which they would have been an impediment, and if had he noticed them he would have sent them away.
Instead the jeeps will stay there and will follow the on foot Carabinieri, with the consequences that are well known to us.

Cappello says that he did not see the murder of Carlo Giuliani. But immediatly after he will get close to the body and incredibly declares that he thought that it had been run over, although pictures clearly demonstrate Cappello’s presence next to the body while a blood spurt comes out from Carlo’s cheek-bone.
Looking at a picture in which it can be seen an other Carabiniere touching Carlo laing on the floor, candidly declares that neither he or any other soldier touched the body.
Finally he asserts that he never kept in his hands objects belonging to Placanica during the evening, although it was made him hear a radio communication, at his presence, which asserts that Placanica’s helmet was in his posses.

In short, Major Cappello takes refuge in incongrous statements and in a sequence of embarassing “I don’t remember” to the point that he asserts that the news that Carlo Giuliani was murdered by a gun-shot was given to him not before one o’clock at night and that, although the Defender was in his charge, he had no information of where it had gone and of which route it had done after the tragic events of Piazza Alimonda.
What is left is to hope that Colonel Truglio, who was on the second Defender, remembers something more...

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