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[Press release] 2nd Hearing in Bolzaneto Trial

The most frequent question people made this morning in the room of the Court of Assizes in Genoa, where, by the 3. penal division, the second hearing for the Bolzaneto trial took place: "Was the Cirielli law already approved?". Almost everybody had the feeling that the hearing was
rather a long wait. A wait for open endede meetings of the council: first half an hour to decide on a trivial request for a legal aid - which was later rejected beacause of a not authenticated signature- , then two and half hours to reject two invalidity exceptions, presented by lawyer Orefice and about the notifications for his clients.
But the real wait , at least by the defences , and maybe by the same court, it the one for the l'approval of the ex Cirielli ("salva - Previti" ) law, which will make all the trial worthless.
At the end of his speech about the difficulties and the costs of this trial for the court of law and for the collectivity, lawyer Vaccaro, lawyer of doctor Toccafondi, said:" the trial will end with acquittals or it will be barred", the president of the court let slip that "everybody is sure about that" (recording:
This sentence , even if we want to consider it just as referred to a barring of the trial, just confirm, like the hearing, that this trial is a fake and that the court will do nothing change this state of things. The hearing calendar is the fit ending: next hearing will take place on the 24th November, on the 1st, the 15th, and the 22nd December. Actually the requests by the Public Prosecutor and by the lawyers of the plaintiffs of having two hearings a week were not accepted and two hearings of three take place on the same days of the Diaz trial and in a not suitable room; they'll go on with execptions for the defense, post-ponements and any kind of waste of time. Waiting for the Cirielli Law...