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[processo ai 25] Flashes of memory

Genoa, November 15

65th hearing against the 25 demonstrators accused of destruction and looting during the Genoa G8 summit.

Zampese, who has failed to testify on four separate occasions, was again expected to take the stand this morning. However, the hearing was brief, and most of it took place in chambers. The public prosecutor presented a brief regarding the court's decision to disallow material regarding the position of one of the defendants, because it was received after the investigation had officially closed.

The brief was presented directly in the courtroom. The defence then requested adequate time to study the brief and the attached documentation. Amid flurries of small attacks and counter-attacks, the tribunal decided to adjourn everything until the next hearing.

The defence has until November 18 to deliver its own brief, which will be discussed together with that of the prosecution during the next hearing. The prosecutors accepted, without a great deal of class: a hitch in the public fanfare of their accusations.

Next hearing, November 22, 2005

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