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[processo ai 25] 69th hearing

Genoa, 13th December 2005

This marked the eleventh hearing in which the already notorious Zampese appeared - now, more than ever, the absolute star of the event. Canciani gave way - somewhat unwillingly - letting him assume control of the mouse and computer, and Zampese (employed at the G8 Office, set up especially to investigate the summit events, and appearing in the eighth consecutive hearing as a witness) did everything alone. He chose the finds, the photos, the frames, the audio reels, all the while giving his own - personal - opinions. The 69th hearing in the trial against the 25 demonstrators accused of destruction and looting continued, with the occasional memory and pronunciation problem on the part of the witness. The tour he offered of Genoa - via finds and photos - carried the court along Corso Buenos Aires, Piazza Tommaseo, Via Pozzo, Via Dassori and Via Montesuello. In other words, the route the prosecution has described as that "taken by the Black Bloc". In today's hearing, Zampese made it as far as Friday 20 July, at around 1pm. At that point, even the Court threw in the towel.

Next hearing, December 20, 2005.