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[Press Release] The cut of the witnesses was just a misundetstanding". Court rectifies.

There won't be any cut of the offended parties. Genoa's Court remarks there was a misunderstanding regarding the decree of February, 8th, which raised doubts about the chance to cut the number of witnesses to listen to.
Court president Barone, explained with a new decree that all the offended parties of the trial will be listened to, at least regarding the lesions and damages they suffered. Moreover they will be listened to about "new, different and however more circumstances regarding already. verified facts". The court wants to speed up this phase of the trial, avoiding excessive repetitions. In today's decree public attorneys were also asked to bring more witnesses for each hearing. Regarding today's hearing, two German people and an Italian girl were listened to; the three were beaten and arrested during the break in. In particular, one of the two German young people recognized with certainty (like other witnesses who preceded him) the blue belt of the anti-riot uniform, that marks the group of the mobile unit of Rome. The responsibilities and the behavior of the unit are, at this point of the trial, proved.
Next hearing Wednesday, February, 22th.