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[Diaz] Court clarifies that "Reduction in number of plaintiff witnesses was misunderstanding".

Genoa, 16.02.06

There will be no reduction to the number of plaintiff testimonies. The Genoa court underlined that fears raised by a court order of February 8 - that the number of plaintiffs/witnesses for the prosecution would be cut - were based on a misunderstanding. The court president, Barone, has issued a new court order making it clear that all the plaintiffs in the trial will testify, at least about the damage and injuries suffered. They will also be able to testify about "new, different, or more precise information" on facts that have already been confirmed.

The panel of judges is therefore hoping to speed up this part of the trial, avoiding excessive repetition. This is why the latest court order explicitly explained to the public prosecutors that a greater number of witnesses must testify in each hearing. Today's hearing of February 16 involved two German youths and an Italian girl, all three of whom were beaten up by the police and arrested during the raid. One of the two Germans was able to identify with certainty (like other witnesses before him) a blue belt worn over antiriot gear, which was unique to the 7th Unit of the Rome Flying Squad. The behaviour of Canterini's men and the fact they were to blame, is, at this point in the proceedings, a verified fact.

Next hearing, February 22