|| la memoria e' un ingranaggio collettivo

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The G8 ink

A project to put together signs, traces and memory of the G8-Summit in Genoa. A space to recover and to enhance what was produced during and after July 2001. An excuse to tell what we saw, thought and felt. Because memory is a collective gear.

::The G8 ink:: Words, voices, stories about Genoa.

Genoa, July 2001. 300.000 people were on the streets against the G8. For three days the capital of Liguria was scene for a collective dream: an other world is possible, the slogan that puts together even very different individual paths. The murder of Carl Giuliani and the violences in the police stations,
in the hospitals and on the streets stages the other side of
Genoa: a collective nightmare - which is difficult to get over.

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